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Are your herbs organic?


This is a good question. Nature's Answer uses three types of herbs in their formulations? Certified Organic, Responsibly Wildcrafted, or Cultivated . Our certified organic herbs come from a variety of organic farms located throughout the United States. Many of our formulas also feature Responsibly Wildcrafted herbs. Responsibly wildcrafted herbs are those picked in a responsible manner, whereby no plant will be over picked and therefore, be a risk to the existence of the species. They are picked in their natural environment at optimal times for harvesting, and have not been exposed to any sprays or fertilizers. These plants are also considered organic; however since they are not certified, they are referred to as wildcrafted herbs. Cultivated plants are grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides but are not certified organic and therefore, cannot be called organic. Ultimately, no matter the source of our herbs, all are fully tested for microbes, chemicals and residues contaminents that could compromise the quality of the herb.

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