Sambucus Mega Supplement Value Pack


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Bonus Pack: This pack contains 1 Sambucus Mega Gummies &X which contains 30 individually packed gummies and 1 small elderberry syrup 2 Oz throat spray. 

Immune system health support: These gummies of elderberry are one of the best herbal products that strengthen your immune system and overall health.

No preservatives or alcohol: The Sambucus gummies and spray contains no preservatives or alcohol. It is also gluten-free and gelatin free and vegan-friendly.

Antioxidants for better health: the elderberry gummies contain twice antioxidants as in blueberries or blackberries and hence provide you better health.

100% tested and guaranteed: our products are rigorously tested and hence 100% safe to use. If you face any issue then let us know and we will resolve your problem.



Sambucus Mega Supplement Value Pack

The Sambucus  mega supplement value pack contains Sambucus mega gummies 7X which has 30 individually wrapped gummies and elderberry spray 2Oz. No gluten or preservatives: Our elderberry natural gummies don’t have any kind of harmful chemicals and it is gluten-free, gelatin free and alcohol-free.

Elderberries have more antioxidants:
The black elderberries have more antioxidants than blackberry and blueberries and hence you can have better health

Fresh elderberry Sambucus gummies are best for your health. 

What is sambucus?

Sambucus is a genus belonging to the Adoxaceae family. Also known as elderberry, the plant is native to North America and Europe.

What is the Sambucus Mega Supplement value pack used for?

Improves overall health and the immune system:
Our herbal products are made from natural elderberry and elderberry extracts and hence these are best to improve your health and immune system. Our herbal supplements are 100% natural and hence we’ve got you covered. In case of any issue, just let us know and we will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

Why Natures Answer?

Nature’s Answer Bioavailable Sambucus Kids Formula is infused with Echinacea and Astragalus which helps to strengthen the immune system of our body. It is a unique black elderberry extract rich in immune supporting flavonoids. Flavonoids are powerful, natural antioxidants that are thought to work to protect the body’s cells from the potential damage caused by free radicals. Since the early 1970’s, it has been our promise to provide our valued customers with only the finest high-quality supplements for you and your loved ones. We will always stick to our roots and ethics that we formulated nearly 50 years ago.


Traditional Health Benefits of Sambucus?

Immune Support

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