Our Exclusive Bio-Chelation® Process!

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Long before Nature’s Answer® was formed in 1972, founder and owner Frank D’Amelio, Sr., was immersed in the study of botanical medicine, researching various herbal texts dating back to the mid-1700s, including the respected pharmaceutical texts The United States Pharmacopeia and National Formulary. He was concerned about the high amounts of alcohol in tinctures and the high heat often used in their processing. High alcohol content can be detrimental to health and high heat can destroy the active components of the plants. So, he began to investigate how he could offer the consumer potent herbal products made with very low heat and a low percentage of alcohol, or possibly none at all. Thus, the Bio-Chelation® method was born.

Bio-Chelation is a proprietary, herb-friendly cold extraction technique where the raw plant parts are extracted and reduced without heat. Cold extraction helps the herb maintain many of its natural constituents, enabling the herb to keep its Holistic Balance™ intact.

Additionally, the Bio-Chelation process incorporates the use of an exclusive technique that removes much of the alcohol used in the first phase of extraction and replaces it with natural vegetable glycerin; vegetable glycerin is used because it helps bind certain plant constituents, is natural to the body, is easily absorbed by the cells, and has little insulin response. The resulting yield is an herbal extract that is either alcohol-free or has a low alcohol content of 12-14% and uses only alcohol that’s certified organic.

The Bio-Chelation method was the first extraction process to yield a 12-14% alcohol extract in the herbal industry!

Over close to half a century (since 1972), our Bio-Chelation process has been painstakingly tested and proven to stand the test of time. Incorporating this process in today’s manufacturing procedures continues to yield a measurably superior product. Although larger quantities of herbal products are now being produced as compared to the earlier experimental batches made by Frank Sr., his founding corporate philosophy remains intact – combine the greatest care with the highest quality raw materials to create the best product.