What is Mullein Extract?

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This plant is found in many countries around the world. With over 200 different species of mullein plants to choose from, common mullein is the variety that is often used in supplements. The leaves of the mullein plant are harvested from the bottom of the plant, and they can then be used either dried or fresh. Mullein Oil is most often made from the bright yellow flowers which bloom on the long stalk once a year. Leaves of the mullein plant are used to create liquid herbal extract drops, which are a popular way to consume mullein extract, or the leaves can be dried and made into tea, or ground and used in capsules.

The primary use of Mullein is to support healthy respiratory function and healthy mucous membranes.

There are many reasons why individuals of all ages might choose to add mullein extract to their routine. Mullein is shown to be rich in antioxidants. These include flavonoids, saponins, and iridoids, which can all help support the respiratory system.

In addition to teas, oils, powders, and capsules, Mullein can also be added to creams, which are used to support skin health. The easiest way to add mullein extract into your regimen is with our Nature’s Answer Mullein Leaf Extract. It’s an alcohol-free concentrated, nonGMO, Kosher herbal extract, and can be taken by individuals of all ages. It works to support healthy mucous membranes and is a natural solution to support healthy respiratory function. All of our supplements are produced through our cold Bio-Chelated proprietary extraction process, which works to remove the alcohol and extractants that are used to create this mullein extract. There are many reasons that you should consider adding mullein extract to your routine. With our Nature’s Answer Mullein Leaf Extract, you’ll find it easier than ever to take this supplement.

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