Bilberry Capsules 90 Count

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Supports healthy eye function*

Bilberry (standardized for 25% anthocyanosides)

205mg of bilberry per serving

30 Day supply

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Bilberry Capsules 90 Count

What is Bilberry?

Bilberry is a natural source of anthocyanosides, a specific kind of flavanol believed to be responsible for the herb’s beneficial properties in promoting healthy eye function*. During World War II, British pilots in the Royal Air Force began consuming bilberry jam for several weeks prior to night missions in order to promote healthy eye function*. The phytochemistry of bilberries includes natural pigments that are likely responsible for the visual supportive* properties of this dark blue-purple fruit.

What is Bilberry used for?

Bilberry is used to promote healthy eye function*.

Why Nature’s Answer?

Nature’s Answer Bilberry offers bilberry fruit extracts (standardized for 25% anthocyanosides) along with full bilberry fruit extract, in a veggie capsule with no magnesium stearate.

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