Oregon Grape Root 2oz


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Mahonia aquifolium

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Also available in 1oz size Oregon Grape Root


Oregon Grape Root 2oz

Oregon Grape Root Extract (Mahonia aquifolium) is known by a variety of different common names including Oregon hollygrape and Oregon grapeholly.  The plant is native to western North America, with the typical Oregon grape plant growing to 90 cm (3 feet) or more, tall. It has wonderful leaves that change color throughout the year, from red to green to burgundy, and finally, in April and May, bright yellow flowers appear.

Oregon Grape’s Root Extract

Oregon Grape’s Root Extract was introduced to Europe by colonists and explorers on their arrival back home from their travels. It was considered another barberry by Europeans. The two became interchangeable in European folklore and Oregon grape was attributed many of barberry’s magical qualities. The berries of the plant are rich is vitamin C, however it is the root that is used in herbal supplements and teas.

Nature’s Answer Oregon Grape extract is super concentrated and low in alcohol. Nature’s Answer only uses Oregon grape’s root that has been responsibly wildcrafted. Each serving of Nature’s Answer Oregon Grape delivers 1,000 mg of beneficial Oregon grape’s root extract. And since it’s an extract, it’s absorbed faster than pills, capsules and softgels.

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