PerioBrite Cleanse Oral Cleansing Concentrate


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All-Natural Formula

With Patented Extract of Phytoplenolin®for Maximum Support

Cool Mint

No Fluoride, Alcohol or Preservatives

No Synthetic Chemicals or Solvents

No Artificial Colors, Dyes, or Sweeteners

No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Dentist Formulated For Oral Irrigators



PerioBrite Cleanse Oral Cleansing Concentrate

Nature’s Answer PerioBrite Cleanse is the completely natural way to good oral health. It’s the one-of-a-kind oral cleansing concentrate that gets into hard-to-reach places in your mouth for a true deep refreshing clean. This unique all-natural, completely vegetarian formula is made with soothing, responsibly wildcrafted herbs, plus essential oils that support oral health.

* It is further enhanced with Phytoplenolin, a Holistically Balanced, patented herbal extract that has been shown in independent laboratory studies to promote cell vitality.* Nature’s Answer PerioBrite Cleanse contains no fluoride, alcohol or preservatives. No artificial colors, dyes, or sweeteners.  And absolutely no synthetic chemicals or solvents. The refreshing cool mint flavor is completely natural. Dentists formulated for oral irrigators.  Nature’s Answer PerioBrite Cleanse. The truly natural way to a cleaner, healthier mouth.

PerioBrite Cleanse’s Oral Cleansing Concentrate is free of: Fluoride, alcohol. preservatives, synthetic chemicals, solvents, artificial colors, dyes, sweeteners or sodium lauryl sulfate

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