Nature’s Answer® Introduces Innovative Sambucus + Probiotic Duo Cap

Nature’s Answer® Introduces Innovative Sambucus + Probiotic Duo Cap image

Combining Pure Elderberry Extract and Immune Specific Probiotics, Nature’s Answer Sambucus + Probiotic provides double the immune support to prepare consumers for the cold months ahead.

Serving as one of America’s largest and oldest manufacturers of top-quality nutritional supplements for over 45 years. Nature’s Answer’s family-owned and operated brand continues their trusted ethical standards with the new innovative Sambucus + Probiotic double immune support product. By combining pure standardized black elderberry extract, immune specific probiotic cultures, advanced DuoCap® Technology, and a specific Thermoshield™ protectant bottle, Nature’s Answer Sambucus + Probiotic is looking ahead for their consumers with the cold weather fast approaching.

“This is an advanced immune system product that has some serious technology behind it,” said Nature’s Answer VP of Scientific Affairs Dr. Jonathan Selzer. “Not only are you getting pure black elderberry extract and a 10 billion CFU immune specific probiotic blend, but the product has legitimate protection to preserve its ingredients. By using a 2-in-1 DuoCap® that includes liquid elderberry on the outside capsules and the probiotic on the inner, we’re enabling an internal and external barrier for enhanced stability of the probiotic. Additionally, the Thermoshield™ protectant bottle gives an impenetrable barrier to preserve the sensitive nature of the probiotic cultures. This product is ready to tackle cold weather head on.”

Nature’s Answer Sambucus + Probiotic is made from 32,000mg of fresh elderberries with a 10 billion CFU probiotic per serving. Elderberry, which is a fruit rich in antioxidants, has been traditionally used to support a healthy immune system. Probiotics are good forms of bacteria that aid in healthy digestion and immune support. This powerful combination, along with its protectant technology, allows Nature’s Answer to stick to its high standards of only formulating products that follow their ethics and passion for top-quality supplements.

For a limited time during Cold & Flu Season, Nature’s Answer is giving away one free Sambucus + Probiotic daily on their Facebook & Instagram platforms until 1/31/19. To learn more and how to enter, please visit Nature’s Answer’s social media platforms while supplies last.
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