From Plant to Shelf

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We at Nature’s Answer® have always had the utmost concern for the quality of the herbs used in our products. Our founder, Frank D’Amelio, Sr., has always had a powerful interest in the healing and restorative powers of plants. He knew that the only way to make certain his products would meet his own stringent standards was to have control of the entire process from plant to shelf, every step of the way.

Frank traveled the world to find the best herbs. He specifically sought wild-crafted herbs, because no single farm can have the right soil, temperature, amount of rain, sunshine, or shade needed to grow each individual herb.

He built his own state-of-the-art laboratories with unique equipment to verify and test the herbs and formulas. Inventing proprietary methods never used before, such as Advanced Botanical Fingerprint Technology® and Bio-Chelation,® ensured the integrity of the herb and increased the potency of the final products. Frank insisted on performing the entire extraction process under his own roof, along with packaging and shipping, to ensure that the quality of his products were never compromised in any way.

And it remains that way today. So, when you see a Nature’s Answer product on the shelf, you can be confident that you’re getting the highest-quality product available, one brought to you from plant to shelf.

Nature’s Answer is a registered trademark of Bio-Botanica Inc.® Advanced Botanical Fingerprint Technology is a registered trademark of Bio-Botanica Inc. Bio-Chelation® is a registered trademark of Bio-Botanica Inc.


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